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Sri Ramana Mandiram

(7 km Drive)

Sri Ramana Mandiram in Madurai serves as a serene oasis amidst the bustling city, dedicated to the teachings and legacy of the renowned sage Sri Ramana Maharshi. This spiritual sanctuary offers a tranquil space for devotees and seekers alike to connect with the timeless wisdom of Sri Ramana Maharshi and explore the path of self-inquiry and self-realization.

Located in the heart of Madurai, Sri Ramana Mandiram provides a refuge for individuals seeking inner peace and spiritual growth. The ashram is adorned with images of Sri Ramana Maharshi and exudes a peaceful ambiance conducive to meditation, contemplation, and prayer.

Devotees visiting Sri Ramana Mandiram have the opportunity to engage in various spiritual practices, including silent meditation, chanting of sacred mantras, and reading of scriptures. Regular satsangs (spiritual gatherings) and discourses are held to disseminate the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi and foster a sense of community among practitioners.

The ashram also houses a library containing a wealth of literature on Advaita Vedanta, the philosophy expounded by Sri Ramana Maharshi, as well as biographies, recordings, and other resources related to his life and teachings. Visitors can immerse themselves in the timeless wisdom of Sri Ramana Maharshi and deepen their understanding of the path of self-inquiry.

In addition to its spiritual activities, Sri Ramana Mandiram offers simple accommodation facilities for pilgrims and visitors, allowing them to experience the peace and tranquility of the ashram while staying in close proximity to the sacred space.

Sri Ramana Mandiram in Madurai serves as a beacon of light and wisdom, inspiring individuals to embark on the journey of self-discovery and inner transformation. It stands as a testament to the universal teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, guiding seekers on the path to realizing their true nature and attaining liberation from suffering.

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