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Name of the Hall Hall Charges GST 18% Accommodation GST 18% Total
Dwarka Palace Rs.300000 RS.54000 Rs.33500 (13 Rooms) RS.6030 Rs.393530
Dwarka Puri Rs.150000 RS.27000 Rs.13500 (5 Rooms) RS.2430 Rs.192930
Dwarka Desh Rs.50000 RS.9000 Rs.59000
Devaki Nandhan Rs.25000 RS.4500 Rs.29500

Supplementary Charges are as under

Particulars Dwarka Palace Dwarka Puri Dwarka Desh Devaki Nandhan
A/C Charges (Per Hour) Rs.12000 RS.8000
Electricty Charges(Per Unit) Rs.20 RS.20
Gas Cylinder(Per Kg) Rs.200 RS.200
Maintenance & Cleaning (Veg) Rs.33000 RS.20000
Maintenance & Cleaning (Non-Veg) Rs.37000 RS.25000

Terms & Conditions

  1. Hall Booking Charges per Day is from 4pm to Next Day 3pm Only.
  2. If entry is made earlier before 4pm the scheduled time will be made extra Rs. 5000/- (per hour)
  3. Booking will be Confirmed Only on Receipt Of 100% Payment.
  4. Refundable deposit Cash Rs. 50,000 should be paid extra.
  5. The Supplementary charges Should be made before 30 days of function.
  6. All Payment should Be Made By Means Of Crossed Cheque/ Demand Draft Drawn in Favour of ‘Dwarka ‘ Payable at Madurai.
  7. Full payment should be made before function.
  8. A. In case if you want to cancel your booking 50% of the amount will be deducted from the Mahal charges Rs. 3,54,000/-.
  9. Before 30 days from the date of function 100% of the amount will be deducted.
  10. Slaughtering of Animals Strictly Not Allowed “ but Non Veg Cooking is allowed.
  11. In case of any damage caused to furniture, Fixtures and garden area or any part of the auditorium, Etc. Actual cost will be recovered from the guests.
  12. Kitchen equipments should be arranged at Guest’s Risk
  13. Locks for Kitchen, Store room, bride and grooms should be arranged by the customers for the safety purpose.
  14. Age proof of the bride and groom is to be submitted to our office at the time of booking (Bride’s age should be 18 and Groom’s age should be 21 and above)
  15. Six Security guards will be arranged Compulsory on the date of function. Charges will be charged separately . (Rs.1400/- per security guard)
  16. Decoration, Melam, Photo, Video, Audio, Kitchen Vessels, Catering Arrangements Extra.
  17. Crackers, Smoking, Liquor are Strictly Prohibited.
  18. Management is not responsible for your personal belongings.
  19. We never accept outside decorators
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